5 Reasons You NEED To Stop Smoking Cannabis And Start Juicing It


1. Cannabis leaf juice won’t make you high.

But it will make you healthier! Cannabis juice has a number of incredible healthy properties to them like…

2. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabis is an essential vegetable for our every day lives.

Not only do they have anti-cancer compounds, but they help the digestive system absorb the vitamins and minerals in the food you eat as well as decrease inflammation.

3. Cannabis bud juice will make you high.

And it’s considerably safer than smoking cannabis buds.

That aside, smoking cannabis is significantly safer than smoking cigarettes. Yuck!

4. Cannabis is versatile.

Don’t like the taste of cannabis juice? Juice it with other vegetables.

A personal favorite of mine is carrot apple. It’s sweet, a bit tart, and extra healthy with some cannabis leaves.

5. You can ingest more cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are the truly healthy compound in cannabis, and when you juice it, you get tons of ’em. Cannabis juice also contains CBDA, a form of CBD.

Do you juice cannabis?

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