This Cannabis Inhaler Is The First of Its Kind


Ever since the first states began legalizing marijuana, there’s been a climbing interest not in smoking cannabis, but rather in different ways to consume it.

Interestingly enough, even though it’s now legal for one in five Americans, there hasn’t been much of an increase in cannabis consumption. There has, however, been an increase in product variety.

These days we have wax, kief, tinctures, vaporizers, and edibles – all sorts of different ways to consume cannabis. The only thing we don’t have is a simple inhaler, until now!

Vapen, a company based in Arizona that sells different tech products for cannabis users, recently launched their “Vapen Clear,” and we’re impressed!

The Vapen Clear looks like any inhaler, making it a discreet device to carry with you. But it’s not just a way to use the product in a discreet way, it actually delivers THC to you in the same way an inhaler delivers albuterol.

Each container contains 1000mg of THC, and each puff from the inhaler releases 10mg, thus there are 100 uses in each inhaler. There has never been another product like theVapen Clear.

There are three different models of the Vapen Clear. They sell what they call a “Daytime” inhaler that delivers THC from a higher-energy sativa strain of cannabis.

They also sell an “Afternoon” inhaler, which is a sativa-indica hybrid, and a “Nighttime” inhaler, which delivers a sleep-inducing hit of relaxing indica THC.

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest selling points of the Vapen Clear is the fact that it is incredibly discreet. If someone spots it in your purse or sees you using it, they’ll mistake it for a regular inhaler for asthma.

But won’t people be able to smell it and know what you’re doing?

Because the oil in the Vapen Clear isn’t heated, it doesn’t emit any kind of an odor. This makes it super easy to medicate yourself in public without being noticed or at home without stinking up the place.

The size is a benefit too. It can fit easily in a pocket, backpack, or purse. It also has no batteries and, of course, no lighter is needed.

Are there any cons to this product?

The only con to the Vapen Clear is that it’s exclusively sold in Arizona at this time. But Vapen products will soon be available in California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

Hopefully they’ll make it to Alaska soon too!

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