Coconut Oil And Cannabis Make A Potent Cancer Killing Combination


Stan Rutner is a special guy. He did something that not everyone is able to do – beat cancer.

Stan was diagnosed with lymphoma, but through treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, he beat it. For a decade, he was free and clear!

But in 2011, 10 years after his cancer went into remission, cancerous nodes were found in his lungs and then later in his brain. He and his family were devastated. The prognosis was incredibly grim.

Stan opted for the same treatments again; chemotherapy and radiation. But he also wanted to take a more holistic approach to his treatment as well, hoping that it might prolong his life if not outright cure his cancer.

Stan and his family knew that cannabis was effective against some types of cancer for some cancer patients.

Stan and his wife, Barb, were open to trying medicinal cannabis. His son in law and their daughter, Corrine, did the research and decided that a cannabis capsule infused with coconut oil was the right choice for Stan.

By the time Stan began taking the capsules, he was in rough shape. He was on an oxygen tank 24/7 and had rapidly lost weight. He had trouble sleeping and finding the strength for day to day activities.

Within two weeks of taking the cannabis capsules, he was off the oxygen tank, started gaining weight, and found himself able to sleep again. A year later, brain scans found that Stan was totally cancer free.

So what’s the deal? Did Stan Rutner’s cancer die because of the cannabis capsules? Potentially. He was also being treated as you normally would with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

But there is some evidence that the cannabinoids found in cannabis can produce positive results against major diseases like cancer.

Coconut oil plays a part as well. Cannabinoids are soluble in the fatty acids of coconut oil. Coconut oil is rapidly consumed by the liver and processed. It’s a good binding agent for THC and CBD.

In all likeliness, if the capsules were at all effective, it was because cannabinoids are known to fight cancer, and the coconut oil provides the body a source of lauric acid.

When consumed, lauric acid is turned into monolaurin, a potential antiviral, antibacterial, antiprotozoal compound.

As any cancer patient will tell you, chemotherapy and radiation take a toll on your immune system. So this combination could potentially have saved his life while the therapies did their work.

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