Do You Still SMOKE Cannabis? You NEED To Read This!


With the legalization of weed slowly taking place through out the nation, it’s time to decide which ingestion method works best for you.

Before it was all about convenience, but now there is less stigma attached to weed and a broader demand for manufacturers to fill.

Weed has many applications in the private, commercial and consumer sectors. It is used to fight cancer, equalize metabolism, joint relief and stuff.

Smoking it through a piece or rolled up in papers is the classic or old school way of consuming weed.

With vaping equipment ramping up it’s accessibility and use, studies were done to find out which manner was healthiest.

Doctors have stood by vaping options as being better for you. Recent studies have proven them right. The process of vaporizing THC is similar to it’s flame induced cousin.

The device heats the weed to the point that the THC crystals break down becoming a fume or vapors that are inhaled.

The classic method of smoking weed, breaks down the all the plant matter present. In this argument of health, it is important to remember that the weed itself isn’t the problem.

This danger to the lungs is present anytime smoke is inhaled. This is the baseline, risk minimal version of smoking.

Smoke is full carcinogens and tar. So while weed is a nontoxic herb and is healthier than cigarette smoke, it is less healthy than vapor fumes. It was unavoidable until vaping was refined and accessible enough to the general public.

Through the controllable temperature, anything thing can be vaped, including hash, hash oil, and marijuana. Vaping
removes 95% of the smoke that irritates the lungs and may lead to chronic bronchitis.

Besides a healthier method, vaping maybe able to reverse respiratory symptoms.

The Journal Of Psychoactive Drugs published a recent study showing that vaping is more potent than teas and edibles as well.

Vaping has a steeper initial cost, vapes are more expensive than most pipes and bongs, but it maximizes weed use. Users can control the depth and length of their hits easier, making an
optimal high easier to attain.

By increasing the THC content of the hits, it maximizes the amount of the chemical that is in contact with the lungs.

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