Organic Hemp Bras Could Be The Key To Preventing Breast Cancer


The ability for cannabis to cure diseases, like cancer, has been hotly debated and extensively studied.

A compelling narrative is coming from the scientific community that cannabis, and molecules like THC and CBD, have a positive impact on the ability of the body to fight and kill cancer cells.

Breast cancer is among the most widespread and terrifying types of cancer known to humanity. The causes are somewhat understood.

And it turns out, cannabis could be one of the answers to the question of how to effectively cure and prevent breast cancer.

Just about any woman will tell you that wearing a bra isn’t particularly fun. They’re painful, can constrict movement, and cause back pain.

They can even cause breasts to sag, particularly if you wear an underwire bra, because it restricts the toning of lower breast tissue.

That sagging can have a negative impact on your back and posture, but it can also have an impact on your breast health in general.

One study, conducted in 1995, found that women who wear underwire bras for more than 12 hours a day had a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

Scientists involved with the study concluded that this is because the underwire bra restricts the lymph node system, which can lead to buildup of toxin-laden lymph in the breasts.

It is one study, and of course a single study can be flawed, even if peer reviewed. Don’t take it as proof. But it is an interesting observation nonetheless, and it lead to the invention of the hemp bra.

Hemp is the best choice for bras, in part because hemp is typically grown without pesticides of any kind, unlike cotton.

This prevents pesticides from entering the breast in the first place, solving a host of issues right out the gate.

Hemp is also nice in that, unlike some fabrics, it actually gets softer the more you wear it. Hemp is also stronger than most fabrics, so the bra holds together much longer than cotton ones.

Try it yourself and see. These bras are perfectly comfortable and much safer for your breast’s health. Don’t play around with this. Give it a try!

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